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I am a photographer born, raised, and currently living in New York City. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with my Bachelor's of Science degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications, where I honed my skills in both scientific and fine art photography, as well as graphic design.


I love to explore my skills in scientific photography and combine them with my love of fine art photography, portraiture, and graphic design, and I strive for my unique view to be reflected in my body of work.



- Photography for parties, weddings, and events of all kinds


- Portraits


- Graphic design for websites, magazines, posters, logos, and more


- Web design for personal and business websites


- High quality archival prints of any images seen on this website, or any contracted images



Contact me at:  katefamiglietti@gmail.com



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Contact me at katefamiglietti@gmail.com